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Meet The Strength 
Of Destiny's Designs

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Christina Harrison

Christina Harrison


Christina is a business professional who previously spent six years at Amazon building websites, and analyzing data. She also previously worked for Microsoft as a Security Researcher, and for Facebook in IT. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship. She utilizes the skills she learned at Fortune 500 companies and through continued education at programs at HarvardX to effectively manage her team of associates, and conduct quality assurance on all projects.

Hunzala Ali 


Hunzala is an innovative leader and software development and digital services. Over the years, he has specialized in front and back-end development. He has utilized technologies to build programs that drive traffic and focus on user experience. He practices strong database architecture, API, and data segmentation skills. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. He has worked with multiplicity CMS software. He is all about taking businesses to the next level with a variety of integration and consumer experiences that make websites stand out.  

Fawaz Reh

Fawaz Reh


Fawaz holds a Master's degree in Science and has experience with interaction, prototype design, web design, app design, photo-editing,video editing, motion graphics, UI, and UX design. Fawaz analyzes the client's needs and translates them into design concepts. Fawaz uses engaging graphics, and imagery to create stunning designs. Fawaz has successfully executed a variety of projects with Destiny's Designs.

Yaney Elfalan


Yaney holds a Bachelor's degree in fine arts, and visual communication. She assembles together images, typography, and motion graphics, and video. She has experience with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe In Design, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Lightroom. She designs, develops and delivers content according to clients' specifications. She is hardworking, and a team player. Yaney has worked on various graphic design projects for Destiny's Designs.

Yaney Elfalan
Md. Tanvir Jubayer

Tanvir Jubayer


Tanvir Jubayer is a UI/UX professional designer with experience designing delightful, intuitive experiences for web and mobile. He has used his expertise to help businesses develop the most permanent solutions in UI/UX design and graphic design. He graduated from the National Institute of Textile Engineering and Research with a degree in Textile Engineering. 

He began his Design professional in 2019 when he has sufficient experience in User Experience and Interface Design, Virtual Design, Business Analysis, and Illustration. He is vast in using various design tools, including Figma, Adobe XD, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Sketch. When not working, you'll find Tanvir Jubayer either gaming, traveling or practicing music.

Brian Hochstien 


Brian is a talented engineer who specializes in security, SEO, and open-source content management systems. Brian is an expert when it comes to technical management and creative solutions. He also has skills in UI design, UX design, and site mapping. Brian effectively executes SEO audits, and authors creative, and effective solutions for open source content management systems at Destiny's Designs.

Brian Hochstien
Conner Robertson

Conner Robertson PHD


Conner is an experienced entrepreneur with a background in owning various businesses. Connor specializes in application automation and the integration of third-party systems into content management systems. Connor leads as an advisor on many projects bringing forth creative solutions and technical expertise.

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